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Lee Porter April 8, 2011 Solutions

In order to use the software you will need to confirm your email address.  To validate your email address click on 'Email Validation' on the login page.  Type in your email address and click submit.  An email will be sent to your email address and contain a link which you should follow.

When you first get added to your companys account, you will receive a validation email automatically.

Lee Porter April 8, 2011 Solutions

Your password should be atleast 8 characters long and contain a capital letter and a number.  Does that help you remember?

If not you can reset your password and choose another one by going to the login page and clicking on 'I have forgotten my password'.  Type in your email address and click submit and the software will send you a temporary password that you will have to change when you first log in.


Lee Porter April 8, 2011 Solutions

If you try the wrong password to many times your account will get locked.

To unlock it just go to the login page and click 'Unlock my Account'.  Type your email address and click Submit.

Your account will be unlocked immediately.

Lee Porter April 7, 2011 Solutions

When an employee you manager requests leave you will receive an email with a summary of the request and a link to the request which you can use to go straight to the approval page for that request.

Alternatively the leave requests will be available on your Dashboard under 'Absence Requests To be Approved'.  Click on the Absence Ref to go to the approval page for that leave request.  Here you will see the request on the right, underneath which is a breakdown of the hours and days counted against entitlement, under which is the rules tested for this request.  On the left is the approval boxes.  The Approval(s) box shows a list of the approvals waiting.  Clicking on the 'Awaiting Approval' link will populate the Approval Decision box above with that approval.  In most cases this will already be done.  Under Approval Decision change the Decision from Awaiting Approval to either Approve, Put On Hold or Reject and click submit. 

This will send an email to the requester informing them of the decision.

Lee Porter April 7, 2011 Solutions

Go to Actions > Leave (dropdown menu) > Create leave request.  Complete the short leave form and click Add.  Initially the leave request will be created and checked against Absence rules but will be for your eyes only (in draft). This give you a chance to review the request and check everything is as you expect before changing the status to 'Send for approval' and clicking Submit.

If your absence rules allow it, you can edit the exact hours you require, say for a half day or an hour in the morning for a personal appointment by clicking Change next to the Duration or clicking Change Leave Days under 'Leave Request Days'.  Adjust the hours as required.  In order to remove a period altogether change the hours to 00:00.